chillfood's füüri

we’ve made the seemingly impossible possible. right under the bridge. right on the aare. and in the middle of the city of bern. industrial chic with a touch of london. a world apart, just 16 minutes on foot from bern main station.


the füüri is a fantastic event location, a fire cooking school, a place to be that is right in the middle of bern. here you’ll find culinary experiences, food events, drinks receptions, cooking events, cooking and grilling courses of all kinds, for every budget. for companies, families, groups and teams of all sizes.

the füüri is run by chillfood.


experience the füüri with a simple “stäckete”, as an event location with fire catering or shared fire cooking, as a private füüri, as a fire cooking school or for seminars and workshops with a difference.


we’ve installed one of the most unusual fire kitchens. for cooking, smoking, braising, roasting, baking, steaming, stone cooking and stick roasting. for small to large groups. summer and winter. in sun and rain. here we fire cook together at a wide range of different fires and smoking stations. or we cook for you with your guests. with the most incredible fire dishes. course by course. 


sustainable, laid back and breathtakingly unique. an experience you’ll never forget. more about the füüri story here.

füüri gassner areal

what we do

orchestra cooking

for groups of 10 to 150 people, we compose a fire cooking concert with a difference at the füüri. we provide the ingredients, the recipes and all the fire cooking instruments. the groups fire cook the individual courses one by one, eating wherever they fancy. the initial tuning up chaos evolves into a harmonious and exceptional culinary fire symphony. convivial and unforgettable. for companies, families, groups and teams of all sizes. at any time of the year.

fire catering

we bring simple fire dishes from the alpine region and from over ninety other countries to the füüri and cook them live in the fire kitchen. guests are welcome to come to the kitchen and collect the dishes themselves. right out of the fragrant smoking fire pot. with time for a quick chat, a fire cooking tip or a short recipe swap. fire cooking isn’t just about catering, it’s also great entertainment. we not only provide the food. on request, we also bring fire aperitifs, drinks, tablecloths, dishes, music, candles and fire bowls.

archaic fire cooking

stepping back in time in the middle of the city of bern. we use original methods to cook together over an open fire, going "back to basics” in every sense of the term. old cooking techniques with fire cooking stones, cooking in the embers or fire oven baking paired with a first-class culinary experience. omnivore, vegetarian and vegan. we revive the methods of fire cooking and combine them with an unforgettable occasion. all within 16 minutes walking distance from bern main station. in any weather, at any time of the year, for any size of group. 

chillfood's stäckete

the füüri is an open air location that is perfect for chilling. life at the fire kitchen is slower, and unexpectedly cosy. the unique atmosphere can be enjoyed all year round with a chillfood's stäckete.

the summer-stäckete is an offer for groups. in any weather. at the most beautiful spots in the füüri. the simple dishes, also vegetarian and vegan, are roasted on sticks over the fire. first comes a small aperitif, afterwards a dessert. drinks are provided at the kiosk. shelter is available in case of bad weather, and if it’s hot you can take a dip in the aare.

the winter-stäckete is an offer for groups in the cold season and in any weather at the most beautiful spots in the füüri. the simple dishes, also vegetarian and vegan, are roasted on sticks over the fire. first comes a warming aperitif, afterwards a fiery dessert. drinks are provided at the kiosk. shelter is available in case of bad weather, and fire to warm you up.


this is big cinema. big on location, cuisine and experience. guests have the whole area to themselves. course by course in different unique settings and parts of the füüri. the fire menu is carefully composed of the best culinary protagonists around. sustainable and select. the fire cooks guide guests through the evening, while the guests themselves can sit back and relax, or cook along. top service comes as standard. enjoy a first-class evening. with our full attention. for all group sizes.  for an experience you’ll never forget.

seminars & workshops with a difference

organize a seminar or workshop at a very special location in the heart of bern. with us at the füüri.

with lots of space. indoors and outdoors.

flexible furnishing. for bar tables, tavolata, group seating and more.

time for a refreshing dip in the aare river during the break.

with fire kitchen accompaniment. for culinary variety.

reservations possible in the first half of the week.

fire cooking school

fire cooking courses are held at the füüri all year round. all courses are listed in the fire cooking course calendar, and are held by chillfood.

fire cooking is about more than just grilling. fire cooking is also smoking, baking, steaming, braising, roasting, stick roasting, stone cooking and much more. always over the fire. with wood or charcoal. and outdoors.

all publicly advertised courses are suitable for individuals, couples and small groups. individual cooking courses can be booked for larger groups.



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